Using Node.js as a Rails JavaScript runtime

Node.js can be used for many purposes. When developing a Rails app on a Linux server, you’ll most likely need a JavaScript runtime. Here are two ways to add Node.js as the JavaScript runtime for a rails app. Once you have Node.js installed on your machine you can either add Node.js to the app or […]

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Manage Multiple RubyGems API Keys

If you need to manage multiple gemcutter accounts and you’ve been doing it the manual way of updating ~/.gem/credentials every time you need to switch between accounts, you are going to love Keycutter Keycutter a is a ruby gem that allows you to easily manage multiple API Keys. Installation $ gem install keycutter Usage […]

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lib not found when installing rails

If you just installed rails and recived the following message: On Mac OS X the message is: file ‘lib’ not found On Linux Debian/Ubuntu the message is: File not found: lib The fix is to uninstall rails, install rdoc then reinstall rails. gem uninstall rails gem install rdoc gem install rails

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Installing RVM as a multi-user install

Here are the steps to install RVM as a multi-user install instead of ~/.rvm Installing RVM as a multi-user install will install rvm into: /usr/local/rvm/ which also creates the group rvm and adds the current user to the rvm group. $ \curl -L | sudo bash -s stable $ source /etc/profile.d/ $ sudo /usr/sbin/dseditgroup […]

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Simple ssh tunnel – SOCKS proxy

There are a lot of articles and blog post on the wild wild web about setting up a proxy or ssh tunnel on a Mac. All of the articles I’ve come across, complicate the process by either requiring browser configuration modifications, a half a dozen steps, and/or require additional software to be installed. A buddy […]

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TextMate 2 is now open source on GitHub

The best text editor just got better! “The source for TextMate 2 is now available at GitHub under a GPL 3 license. There is an interview at Ars Technica that gives some background about what motivated this decision.” This is very exiting and I’ll be following the development closely.

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RailsInstaller for OS X Released!

Installing Rails on a Mac has been a very tedious and lengthy process for quite some time. Odds were, even if you followed one of the best step by step processes on the web, you were still faced with undesirable results caused by one of the dependencies (brew, git, gcc, rvm, ruby, Xcode, command line […]

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Enable Spell Checking in code comments for TextMate 2

TextMate supports ‘Check Spelling as You Type’ which works great for strings. but does not validate code comments. I have come across a lot of code with typos in the comments. The solution is simple. Create a Preference Item that checks spelling for all languages. Here’s how : 1. Go to: ‘Bundles’ → ‘Edit Bundles’ […]

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One email address for every account

There is a cool gmail trick that lets you use one email address as though it were several different addresses. Gmail lets you add “+something” to your mailbox name and still get your mail. For example, and and each look like different addresses to our system but they all route mail to […]

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